Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's all in the details...

So, here are the details.  
I'd love to do a free photoshoot 
(check out my work at http://www.tarynsryan.com)
that INCLUDES my vintage-feel editing... 
all for free and put on a disc for you.

All YOU need to do is tell me
in the comment section to this post
why you think it should be you
who wins.  This giveaway can be for anything!

A special friend, 
grandparents who have never 
had an official shoot together,
a new baby, a new couple, you
and your best friend,
your PET, your yard, or YOU as
you've never seen you before!  A family shoot,
a modeling shoot for high fashion...
you be the creative one and tell me what it is you
want and why.  
By the end of the week I will pick a winner!

Good Luck!
I can't wait to hear what you all
have to say : ))


  1. Sounds like an awesome giveaway! I can't wait to see who wins and what it will be they pick to have photographed!

  2. ooooh me. me. me. Pick me. oOOOh oooh.

  3. Hi Taryn :) I check your blog every once in a while when I see you post something on facebook, your work is beautiful! I would LOVE to get my kids and myself in for a photo shoot soon. We haven't had any professional photos done of us since we moved up to Cheyenne. (Two and a half years ago!!!!) Now that we're a happy family of just three, I feel like we really need a fresh beautiful representation of that new family unit to have in our home. And I just can't bring myself to go into a photo studio like Target or something- just a little stark and impersonal for me. So anyway, we'd love to do a photo shoot with you but if not I still have been meaning to say hi. So, "HI!"Hope things are going fantastic for you and your beautiful little girl! Take care. ;)

  4. Hi jackie! Become a follower of my blog! I am so glad that *someone* checks it out : )) So far you are the front runner : ) I am leaving it open until Saturday, so will let you know by then. I would love to shoot you guys - real easy with such adorable kids! So much we could do with the three of you...

  5. Hi! I am recently engaged and was looking for photographers when I ran across you on Facebook. I follow you on FaceBook and I love your work. I think it should be me who wins your photoshoot. I actually am not asking for myself but rather so I could give it to my sister, mom & niece. My sister Alex has a birthday coming up on February 2nd so this would be a great gift!!Alex is a single mom, works full time & goes to school. Our mom has several health complications so my sister lives with her to help take care of her. Alex also takes care of her 4 year old daughter all on her own, she gets no help from the deadbeat dad. In December 2008, on their way to meet me & my daughter at Thorntons' Winterfest,they were t-boned by a drunk driver. He ran a red light and right into the drivers side of my sisters car with his van. Witnesses say he hit them so hard because he was driving at a high rate of speed and after he hit them they say he still kept pushing on the gas because he did not even realize he had hit collided with them.I arrived on the scene just as they had been taken away in an ambulance and to St. Anthonys North hospital. It was the most frightening,heart wrenching & tear filled drive for me as I rushed to the hospital. When I got there, all I could do was Thank the Lord that they survived. Yes, they were injured but yes, my family was also alive.
    It was about 2 weeks before Christmas and there were presents in the trunk that were broken and damaged as well. The best gift for the rest of our family was that they were still here with us. Thank God my little niece was in the back seat in the middle and did not impact either side of the car. She had terrible nightmares and night terrors because of the crash but has recovered, God made children very resilient.
    MY poor mother had bleeding in her brain because the impact was so hard that she hit her head on the side window and broke it. My mom could not speak correctly for a few months.
    My poor sister has 2 dislocated discs in her spine. She had to drop out of classes but still had to pay for them. She had no transportation,was in so much pain and missed so much time from school trying to deal with everything from the total of her vehicle to her painful injury and taking care of my mom and her injuries as well.
    This guy has never shown up to a single court date and has yet to pay a penny for the car or their injuries. It's been such an ongoing hectic mess for them to deal with the consequences of this guys horrible actions and refusal to accept responsability.
    Since this, both my mother and sister have had lingering financial and physical stress. They have fallen into some moments of depression. They both feel tired, old and not pretty and it makes me sad. It's been a long journey for them but thanks to God they have recovered fully, for the most part.
    They are grateful as well and count their blessings but they are human and get down at times. I know they sure do light up when I take them out to eat or just to hang out and spend time with them. I want those moments when they are happy to be captured in a beautiful way. I want their happiness photographed and documented forever.
    I know my sister would love to have the money to spend on extras like family portraits but she has no extra money. They have had a very rough last couple of years.
    My sister works really hard and what money she does have she uses it to pay for necessities and medical bills, certainly nothing fun like an amazing, quality photo shoot with a great photographer.
    I would love for her and my mom to see themselves like never before and have a talented artist like yourself take some fun photographs of them.

  6. Hi Taryn, I'm not sure if I missed the deadline or not, but I was getting ready to post a comment in hopes of winning a photo shoot. I would love to win one because I've always admired your style of work and just got done purchasing vintage-y outfits and dresses for my son and daughter. That is, until I read the other comments. I definitely think Jackie or Alex are more deserving! I can't wait to see who wins and the finished work!