Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog moving soon, new shoot!!

Hey everyone! I had the most amazing shoot in record time yesterday... 3 year old little Phoebe. She was so much fun and full of personality. And beautiful! My friend had given me some vintage hats from his mom, and so we put them to good use! There are lots more pictures so check them out at my website www.tarynsryan.com.


I recently had my photography website redone by my good friend Donat
of donutsites.com, and so now my blog is a part of the site.
Please all become followers over here (http://www.tarynsryan.com)
where you will find the blog tab.
Now everything is all in one place!
As a result, I will begin to phase this site out....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

handmade vintage greeting cards... my new love!

I've been making birthday cards and other sorts of greeting cards from
old vintage images I find online.
I place the person who it is for onto the card somewhere, and try and add in their family or something personal if I can. It is another way for me to play around with photos and photography and I am hopefully getting better the more cards I do!

It is so fun and the recipients have been delighted to see themselves in
a piece of vintage artwork. The following cards are mainly what I have done
for family, but there is also a teacher appreciation card and a birthday card
for my best friend. These are certainly made with love!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh Happy day

I photographed one of the quickest weddings I have ever been to....
and it couldn't have been more personal and sweet and done with love!

It was a small, colorful occasion with family and the closest of friends.
There were bales of hay to sit on with colorful covers.
Foods that had been selected for the traveling bride and groom to remind them of exotic locales, and beautiful balls of flowers suspended in the air
between the trees on the property.

I wish the happy couple the best and am honored I got to witness their union!