Saturday, January 8, 2011

The holidays are over!

I have been so busy, there has not been time for anything I love to do creatively.  Or time for me, to exercise, to focus on my health, to photograph the world around me, to have that calm, quiet time that fills your spirit.

That is going to change.  

I recently started the ginormous task of gutting out my office and creating a space that I plan on being my favorite in the house.  I have taken "before" pictures, but will NOT post until I have the finished product.  My office is for editing photos, crafting shabby chic objects for around the house, and sewing. My daughter would like to have an area to draw, as it has become her passion and what she whittles her hours doing for evenings at a time.  Homework... what homework mom?

So, while I do not believe in resolutions, I want to renew my focus on spiritual time, creative time, and a whole lot of me time.  Then I can be a better person to everyone around me.  Now if I can just calm down enough and learn to meditate, I will really be a force to reckon with!

Here are some offices that inspire me. Love the turquoise walls, and of course anything pink!  I found these photos over at The Decorista, whose posts inspire me!


  1. I want to see the before pictures, just give us a hint! I can't wait to see the finished result!

  2. And, by the way, I love your new header design :)

  3. thanks! Thought I needed to branch out a bit... check out the items from target in the latest post!