Friday, July 8, 2011

Paris Street Market

The first saturday of every month throughout the summer and fall is the Paris Street Market in Littleton, CO at the Aspen Grove shopping center.  My sister Shanon and I LOVE it, as does my best friend.  We leave the Springs by 7am so that we can be sure and be there at the 8am opening.  You don't want others to get the best stuff!

So, here is a plethora of photos with links to vendors when I have them.  My prior post has my big purchases from this months market!

These amazing doors, windows, signs, headboards, etc are made by Sheri Mielke.  You can find her on Etsy.

Here are some photos from Farmhouse Vintage.  You can also find her on Etsy here.

The crowds!

A pug that was irresistable to me :)  I have always wanted one... but not the work that goes along with it!

The back of my sisters car with our purchases!

Me, happy that we got it all loaded!


  1. I think that pug was ignoring you! I can't wait for the next market!

    ~Shanon......sis :)

  2. Thanks for sharing photos of my space : ) I'm hoping to get to do another one this year, but it's so exhausting and it POURED on us at the end of the day! BTW, I LOVE the new headboard from your other post!!!