Tuesday, July 5, 2011

lots of changes!

The last month I have felt quite creative.  Yay!
Spray painting furniture, sewing new cushions for patio furniture, 
and taking many photos.  It has been great!  

I also went to the Paris Street Market at Aspen Grove in Littleton, CO last Saturday. 
It is the first saturday of every month and is always amazing!  
I got a new headboard and got rid of my Pottery Barn 
slipcovered bed that I have had for years.  
I also got the cutest door that has chicken wire 
and in which I plan on showcasing all of my 
vintage homemade cards that I love to do.  

So, here is a smorgasboard of pictures, and some are before and afters!

Here is the original color of the metal part of my patio furniture...

And, here are my porch cushions from the winter... 
the squirrels had a great time with them...

And now the finished result!  
I bought the outdoor fabric at Jo-Anns, 
and spray painted all the metal along with some wooden pieces I have.

The white decorative board a friend gave me and was brown and chipped.  
I love it with the cream spray paint in "heirloom white".

My daughter and I love angels placed wherever we can!

Now for my bedroom semi-makeover.  
I painted the walls from an off-white to the turquoise-light blue color.  
And I had to take apart my ginormous bed and put in the shabby headboard 
I bought at the Paris Market.  I have so much more room in my bedroom now!  
Also, I bought the old window frame and will put 
chicken wire on the back end so I can hang things on that as well.

My bedroom before I made the changes this weekend. 
I had already painted the walls.

Well, if I'm really honest this was actually the before.  
I am usually quite clean but once ina while things slide : ))

Taking the bed apart was quite the job!  
My mattress was so heavy, and I was doing it all myself! 
But as my sister andI always say, where there's a will there's a way!

The new headboard! 
LOVE the iron scrollwork. 
It is made from an old fence and so shabby. 
I will have to find the link of the lady who makes these so you can see her other stuff!

The finished bed!  I need to get a frame to set it on so right now it is just on the floor.  
Kind of fun to have a lower bed and a change! 

Now I want to take down the black frames 
and paint them layers of turquoise and cream 
and then use the sander to rough them up 
to show different layers of the colors.

The mess in the hallway that needed to be picked up when I was done... : (

Am loving the new bedroom!  

Here is the frame I bought and the old door with chicken wire.

Seeing the door from far off... in corner of living room.

Closer up...


Just a shot of my dining room for fun : )

of course Princey had to be in the picture!

And I can't resist, here are two recent photos of him. He poses so well!

So many items in these pictures are from The Barn in Castle Rock, CO.

More of my new bedroom...

My hairpieces that I use in shoots for little girls... but sometimes wear myself!

New window frame, although I have since removed 
a lot that is on it becasue it was too cluttery.

My collection of big rings : ) LOVE big jewelry!

Hope this wasn't too much! 
Next I will post pictures from the 
Paris Street Market so you all can see what it is like!

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  1. I loved the tour! Even though I get to see it in person. I want to go get a new shabby headboard! I love everything that you have done. The patio looks amazing!


  2. HI Taryn, I'm new to your blog via your sis Shanon! What a great home tour! I loved it. Love the old door, and window...just everything. Love your patio too and what you have done. I get so tired of generic patios...one table 4 chairs...one pot of flowers! hahahaha...yours is over the top wonderful! Love it. I'll be back for more visiting.

  3. Taryn,
    So nice to meet up with you. I love what you are doing to your pretty bedroom.
    You are inspiring me to get up and do something!


  4. Taryn Hi,
    I am your newest follower
    Love the bedroom
    We just bought a new bed we are so excited
    I hope it looks as pretty as your room
    Thanks for linking with me for Treasure Chest Friday

  5. love your headboard, all the rest too!

    barbara jean
    PS came over from your sister's blog. =)

  6. Your home is just beautiful! I found your blog thru your sister on her pinterest--I am your newest follower!