Wednesday, March 2, 2011

some of my favorite things...

... in my home! 

I wanted to share a bit of my style with all of you.  
Some of these items I have made, and the rest have been 
purchased at The Barn in Castle Rock, CO.  
My *favorite* store to browse in.  
It is a trip my sister and I take often, and we rush to rooms 
to get the first look of what is available. 
Always lots of fun!

So, here are a few shots of what caught my attention today, and I'm sure
tomorrow I will find a whole new view and do some more.  With how warm it has
been I will be able to get outside and taken some there too.

I was in the mountains this weekend, Aspen to be exact, and got some great shots
of the winter wonderland up there. LOTS of snow made for beautiful shots.
Brrr I am glad to be back home.

This was an unsightly dark wood jewelry holder from Target.
I painted it three different colors and layers of pink, cream, white, and smears of blue here and there. Then I got out my hand-sander and roughed it up, which made a huge difference! As did replacing the boring knobs with crystal ones. Now I love it!  And laying on top is a collage frame I did of my grandmother Mabel.  We supposedly look alike, and I always loved being with her.

Just gold letters on my bedroom wall. Love them and want more.  
Love the thought of little messages all around the house...

A ladies figure holding some of my hairpieces/pins.  
I use them myself and also in shoots with little girls. 
Love them on the female metal structure!

Hard to see in photo, but this is a hand painted sign 
I made for my daughter and it hangs in her room.  
I did it on plywood, crackled it, stamped various gold writings 
on it and then painted This Is Love across it.  
I also glued some fabric roses on that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Another collage that I framed. 
Love anything to do with angels and knowing 
that they are watching over us.  Enough said : )

Tulips I bought today and stuck into one of my
beloved blue mason jars, purchased at 
the Barn in castle Rock.

A sign I hang in my kitchen, purchased at The Barn. 
Love the detail...

Something that makes me smile when I pass by it - 
little white flowers, pink, pearls, and cream cupcake stand.

Vintage girls dress. Someday I will use it at just the right shoot.
Blue shutters purchased at Michaels. Quite the find!

Tissue holder I made by crackling a plain wooden one from Michaels.
And, of course, pasted an Angel on it.  
That was all she needed.  
But, maybe it calls for some sparkle! 

Roses bucket I painted and added lace trim to top.  
Bought metal tin at The Barn for $5 and made
a beautiful piece that sits in my living room!

A bucket from The Barn that I love.
Love anything with numbers on it.

Pretty gift tags in beautiful bowl.
All from The Barn. 

Amazing lamp from The Barn.  
I added the peonies to it.
Suits my living room very well!

An Angel kicking back : ) 

Painted the board with "Blessings" but wasn't that happy with it. 
It needs something. Any ideas? 
Love the table though that I can stick things underneath the glass top.

Stand in my kitchen...

In my bedroom, an inspiring sign sitting atop my favorite mirror.

Hope you enjoyed this mini tour! Aspen views to come tomorrow.
Have a great evening!


  1. Love everything. Your photo's are beautiful, and you are crafty too.

    Lisa x

  2. Thanks Lisa! I wish I had more time to be crafty.. there are always a ton of projects I have ideas for!

  3. Loved the tour! It's even better in person!