Saturday, March 5, 2011

crafting journals

I did these journals 2 winters ago... and recently discovered 
these pictures in my craft archives.  
At the time I was really happy with them and they were more "art", 
but now I want to pull them out and start journaling!  
I made them by purchasing cheap composition books, glitter, buttons, 
ribbons, and craft paper. It was really just a collage-fest!  
I did some with my friend and it was a time of laughter and a fun project to do together!

Any words on the journal that are in the black stickers below
come from my own personal poetry! I have hundreds of poems,
and is another hobby of mine.

Detail of one of the covers of a journal.

The full cover of above detail....

another close-up of a journal...

interior shot - I glued paper on the interior of front and back pages...

another interior shot

front cover

front cover

front cover

Have any of you made journals?  It is so fun to personalize them
and with all the materials I have laying around it is easy to fill them!
Next time I make one, I would do more of a vintage feel with lighter colors.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love these! That was a fun time making all of those.