Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tuscany shoot

Yesterday my sister came over, and we decided to do an impromptu shoot with her girls and my daughter Sky.  It was so nice out, and after all the snow we wanted to be outside!
I've always driven by my neighbors house and wanted to shoot a few pictures on the side of his house, although next time would love to get a little closer to the barn in the back.  The tractor was calling out my name!  But, I got some pictures of the girls that I like... what do you think?
They wanted to play so I had a very short window in which to shoot each of them.

Here are a few, and when I edit the rest I will put more up on my photography website.
When I do, I will post the link here!


  1. Hi Taryn, I love them. The girls are all so gorgeous, the sun is shining, and they have an awesome photographer. I'm slightly biased, but I think girls are completely adorable. :-) They can dress up all pretty, and put on some bling, what else could a mother wish for (okay I get that there's mums out there reading this who have boys, adn yes, I'd be the same about boys if I had one)

    Lisa x

  2. thanks Lisa! I took hundreds of course so just need the time to go through them... my sis wanted some asap hence getting them up so quick : )

    have a great day!

  3. Beautiful! I love them so much and we are so lucky to have you as our personal photographer!